Musée d’Orsay Rooms (Jacuzzi)

Under the gaze of the monumental station clock, a few, artfully-chosen photographs are a reminder of the Orsay’s splendid statuary. As you soak in the artistic atmosphere, in soothing hues of grey and beige, you realise your wish has come true. Tonight, you’re a privileged guest inside the famous museum, a temple to the glory […]

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Trocadéro Rooms (JACUZZI)

In a celebration of the Palais de Chaillot, this room echoes the high chic of the 1930s, featuring stained glass detailing above the bed, an elegant palette of black and gold and an art deco-inspired carpet. Close your eyes, and you can picture the play of the fountains in the Jardins du Trocadéro… Discover the […]

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Opera Garnier Rooms (JACUZZI)

Welcome backstage… to the inner sanctum, where the corps de ballet goes through its paces. Over the bed is the Opera Garnier’s trademark oeil-de-boeuf window; underfoot, solid oak parquet. The room is delightfully dressed: mirrors, a ballet barre and satin pumps all add to the ambiance. Go on, live out your dreams… Discover the Opera […]

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Atelier d’Artiste Rooms (JACUZZI)

What could be more Parisian than sleeping under the eaves of an famous artist’s attic studio? With blank canvases propping up your pillow, and a carpet splashed with vibrant (and make-believe) gouache, it’s a playful nod at the artistic spark that has always burned brightly in the City of Light. Find your own inspiration in […]

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Moulin Rouge Rooms (SHOWER)

A large-as-life poster from the famous cabaret, the flame-red drapes, and the tip of a windmill’s sail… together, they conjure up the Paris of oh-là-là. This is a room that oozes romance – and makes you feel as though the Cancan girls might come dancing through the door at any moment… Discover the Moulin Rouge […]

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Eiffel Tower Rooms (shower)

From the marl-grey carpet and headboard of silvered wood struts, to the midnight blue of the bathroom, every detail has been chosen to suggest the fin-de-siècle elegance of Eiffel’s Iron Lady. You’ll appreciate the harmonious lines – as well as the spectacular illusion of being high above the city. Discover the Eiffel Tower rooms in […]

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