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Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges

The hotel of Tournelles, royal property, occupied the place of Vosges for the XIVth century. When Henri II hurt in a tournament died, his…

hôtel clisson

Hotel de Clisson

Olivier V de Clisson was a powerful Breton lord, and he was a military companion of Bertrand Du Guesclin, who he succeeded as ‘Constable…


Palais Brongniart

During the Middle Ages, Parisian financial transactions used to take place on the Pont au Change. The expansion of commercial activities, in particular the…


Sainte Chapelle

In 1239, Louis IX (also known as St. Louis) had allegedly purchased Christ’s crown of thorns from the Venetians. Two years later, from Baudouin…


Pont Royal

At this location, people used to cross the Seine River on a ferry – the Rue du Bac on the Rive Gauche took its…


Pont Neuf

In spite of its name, it is actually the oldest bridge in Paris. It is certain that the Capital used to have others that…


Place Vendôme

If the Place Vendôme remains as one of the leading tourist sites in Paris, it owes this achievement to its enticing and appealing window…


Comédie Française

At the time of its construction by the Cardinal of Richelieu in 1628, the Palais-Royal included a theatre. Molière and his performers were on…


Palais Royal

The original palace was called the Cardinal Palace. The crafty Richelieu oversaw its construction in 1628 right next to The Louvre, under the eyes…


Les Halles

The arrival and the exchange of merchandise had already been taking place on the Ile de la Cité for 1000 years when Louis VIII…


Les Tuileries

After the death of her spouse Henry II, Catherine de Medici decided to have a new palace built. She chose untouched ground that had…


The Louvre

The fortress that was built by Phillip Auguste in 1190 only occupied a quarter of the courtyard to the west of the original palace…


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